A Triptych of Exhibits in the Meatpacking District

Image from the Whitney's Henry Taylor : B Side Exhibit in Meatpacking
BY Meatpacking BIDPUBLISHED 11.15.2023

The Meatpacking District is a vibrant canvas for art enthusiasts, boasting several must-see exhibits that promise to engage, evoke, and elevate. Here are three installations to be sure to explore this holiday season. 

Henry Taylor: B Side at The Whitney | On Display Now

Los Angeles-based artist Henry Taylor (b. 1958) has portrayed people from diverse backgrounds—family, friends, celebrities, politicians—with raw immediacy and tenderness for over thirty years. The exhibition's title, "B Side," reflects Taylor's improvisational approach, akin to the experimental songs found on the flip side of a record album. His paintings, executed quickly from memory, newspaper clippings, and in-person sittings, combine bold color with rich detail and loose brushstrokes, capturing the humanity and social milieu of his subjects. Grounded in personal and shared history, Taylor's work provides a poignant view of everyday life, deeply steeped in art history.

Melvin Smith & Rose Smith: Recollections of Rondo at Fort Gansevoort | Open November 16

Fort Gansevoort plays host to a powerful narrative woven by the visionary artist couple, Melvin and Rose Smith, in "Recollections of Rondo." Transport yourself to the heart of St. Paul, Minnesota, as the Smiths breathe life into the memories of a community erased by "urban renewal." Through paintings, sculptures, and collages, the duo preserves the legacy of Rondo, inviting you to reflect on the impact of progress on culture and community.

World of AI·magination at Artechouse | Open December 1

Step into the captivating realm of AI·magination at Artechouse, where artificial intelligence and human creativity blur, inviting exploration of limitless possibilities. This mesmerizing experience transcends age and background, sparking perpetual wonder. Immerse yourself in a 20-minute cinematic journey across six captivating scenes, from the ethereal landscapes of "Submerge" to the enigmatic "Infinite Maze." Engage with GAN and Machine Learning-generated artworks in installations like Infinite Looking Glass and Diffusive Gaze. Complete your experience with curated cocktails and mocktails inspired by the exhibition, brought to life with digital art through the ARTECHOUSE XR mobile app.

In the heart of the Meatpacking District, these exhibits beckon art lovers and curious minds alike. Whether captivated by portraiture at The Whitney, moved by the historical resonance of "Recollections of Rondo," or eager to dive into the boundless "World of AI·magination" at Artechouse, the district offers a diverse and enriching tapestry of artistic expression.




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