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Fall Cocktail at La Devozione in the Meatpacking District
BY Meatpacking BIDPUBLISHED 11.10.2023

In the vibrant heart of New York City's Meatpacking District, a culinary adventure awaits those seeking to unwind and enjoy National Happy Hour Day, or really any day you're craving a little cocktail time. Here are just a handful of neighborhood hot spots to sip and celebrate:

Osteria Nonnino: Transport yourself to the rustic charm of an Italian village at Osteria Nonnino. As the clock strikes Happy Hour, indulge in wine, beer, cocktails, bruschetta, arancini, and fried zucchini. On the corner of 637 Hudson Street, HH served everyday from 4 - 7PM.

Cull and Pistol: For those with a penchant for fresh seafood and upscale nautical vibes, Cull and Pistol beckons. Enjoy their full oyster list, half price Monday - Friday from 4-6PM>

La Devozione: A haven for cocktail enthusiasts and food connoisseurs alike, this establishment boasts an impressive array of artisanal cocktails. During Happy Hour, imbibe concoctions that complement a menu showcasing the finest in Italian and local ingredients. Offered every day from 4- 6PM.

STK Late Night: As the sun sets and the Meatpacking District transforms into a pulsating nightlife hub, STK Late Night emerges as the epitome of elegance and indulgence. Get a little tipsy at their late night HH every Sunday through Thursday from 10pm – close - available in the Bar, Lounge & Patio.





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