Daniel Arsham's 20th-Anniversary Exhibition

Daniel Arsham's outdoor sculpture series at The Standard in Meatpacking, NY
BY Meatpacking BIDPUBLISHED 10.30.2023

In a breathtaking celebration of two decades of creativity, Daniel Arsham's 20th-anniversary exhibition has become one of the latest art installations to grace the Meatpacking District. The renowned artist's remarkable work is an unmissable experience for art enthusiasts and the culturally curious.

The Standard, known for its commitment to fostering creativity and innovation, has partnered with Perrotin to host this extraordinary exhibition, showcasing some of Arsham's most celebrated works spanning his illustrious 20-year career take center stage. The exhibit takes place at The Standard, High Line, The Standard, London, and The Standard, Bangkok Mahanakhon.

At The Standard, High Line, the visual extravaganza begins with a striking public installation of Arsham's "Relics of Kanto Through Time" sculpture series. Here, the artist's iconic eroded sculptures breathe new life into beloved Pokémon characters, including Pikachu, Mewtwo, and Trainer. Arsham's signature technique transforms these cultural icons, inviting viewers to experience a nostalgic yet fresh perspective.

For the art world and those who appreciate creative ingenuity, Daniel Arsham's 20th-anniversary exhibitions offer a captivating journey into the artist's evolution. The art installations will grace The Standard's global locations throughout the year, making this an exceptional opportunity to immerse oneself in the world of a visionary artist and experience the enduring magic of the Meatpacking District's art scene.

Daniel Arsham Pokemon exhibit at The Standard in the Meatpacking District
Daniel Arsham exhibit at The Standard, Meatpacking, NY




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