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Looking for a new pair of sunglasses to rock around the District in style? There is no shortage of options in the neighborhood.

D. Ellis in Stonehenge/Pewter/Indigo Gradient (AR)
The sunglasses are D. Ellis in Stonehenge/Pewter/Indigo Gradient (AR)

Barton Perreira 

Elevate your summer style with Barton Perreira sunglasses, timeless luxury eyewear designed in California and handcrafted in Japan. The D. Ellis in Stonehenge/Pewter/Indigo Gradient (AR) ($795), Sharona Thinsert in Gold/Tusk/Mahogany Gradient (AR) ($785), and Hamilton in Blue Smoke/Noir (AR) ($490) blend sophistication and craftsmanship perfectly.

Hamilton in Blue Smoke/Noir
The sunglasses are Hamilton in Blue Smoke/Noir
Sharona Thinsert in Gold/Tusk/Mahogany Gradient
The sunglasses are Sharona Thinsert in Gold/Tusk/Mahogany Gradient

Visit Barton Perreira at 659 Hudson Street.

Make your way to Caserta Eye to get the details on these frames.

Caserta Eye

This eyewear shop is a standout establishment in the Meatpacking District, specializing in both new and vintage. We asked Paul Battiste, the owner of Caserta Eye, to share three to four of his sunglass selections for summer, and we ended up walking out of the shop with twelve pairs, six new and six vintage. Of those twelve, two were vintage Christian Dior sunglasses, and one pair of new sunglasses that made this writer feel like they were Edna Mode (in a very positive way!). We are sure that if we had stayed there for even a minute more, we would’ve left with twenty pairs. A trip to Caserta Eye is like opening a treasure chest; you might not know what’s inside, but you know it will be good.

The sunglasses have already been purchased by a Meatpacking staff member.

Visit Caserta Eye at 67 Eighth Ave.

VAIL in 18K Titanium + Harlequin, DEDE NYLON in Canary 18K, and Harrison in Tortuga Noir
From left to right: VAIL in 18K Titanium + Harlequin, DEDE NYLON in Canary 18K, and Harrison in Tortuga Noir


Maison du KREWE, is a multi-purpose space blending European allure with New York's electric atmosphere. Paying homage to their French Louisiana heritage, MDK offers a bespoke line of sunglasses. Duane Littles, Assistant Flagship Store Manager, selected four shades for summer: Sasha in Cherry ($295), DEDE NYLON in Canary 18K ($325), VAIL in 18K Titanium + Harlequin ($335), and Harrison in Tortuga Noir ($255). To improve your already fun shopping experience, grab a glass of wine at the wine bar.

The sunglasses are Sasha in Cherry

Visit Krewe at 67 Gansevoort Street.

Stop by Lucky Selectism to check out their wall of unique glasses.

Lucky Selectism

Go to explore the unique eyewear selection and stay for the carefully curated selection of clothes, antiques, adorned streetwear, and novelty clothing. Lucky Selectism is the result of years of dedication to fashion heritage and history by its founder, Heewon Kim. As you make your way through the store, a wall of hands will reach out to you, offering you the most fabulous shades possible, and you should undoubtedly buy yourself those glasses.

Visit Lucky Selectism at 346 West 14th Street.

Vanessa in Brushed Ink
The sunglasses are Vanessa in Brushed Ink

Warby Parker

The team at Warby selected three perfect shades for summer: Vilma in Yuzu Crystal ($95), Nemsey in Cattail Tortoise Matte ($95), and Vanessa in Brushed Ink ($145). Sitting between a rectangular, round, and cat-eye shape, the Vilma captures the charm of each in one polished pair with a subtly sculpted browline and clever keyhole nose bridge. The Nemsey brings a pinch of personality to its unflappable navigator shape. The Vanessa pairs a cat-eye silhouette with delicate metalwork to create a reimagined, nostalgia-inducing shape. The Meatpacking team was particularly intrigued by the newly released Vanessa and likely already grabbed a pair before you even read this.

Nemsey in Cattail Tortoise Matte
The sunglasses are Nemsey in Cattail Tortoise Matte
Vilma in Yuzu Crystal
The sunglasses are Vilma in Yuzu Crystal

Visit Warby Parker at 819 Washington Street.




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