Benefits of Being a Part of the Meatpacking BID

As a business, property owner or resident in the catchment area of the Meatpacking BID, you are part of a community. Businesses locate here because of the creative dynamic that flourishes within these blocks and people flock to the area because of the unique and palpable feeling you get when strolling in the district. The BID endeavors to provide the neighborhood with services that add value to all locals and visitors. We keep the district clean, safe and beautiful through the expert work of our clean team, landscapers and public safety officers. The BID is a resource for you; contact us directly with comments and feedback about the goings on in the area, and to be involved. With the continuous growth of the neighborhood, there has never been a better time for commercial tenants to join the membership of more than 200 active restaurants, retailers, corporate entities, other area businesses and local property owners. The BID is here to support the commercial and economic health of the neighborhood, and ensure the area’s public realm is maintained for all constituents, including residents within the BID boundaries and visitors from at home and abroad. If you operate a business within the boundaries of the BID, there is no out of pocket cost to take advantage of the support services we offer. Our marketing and programming efforts go hand-in-hand with our maintenance and management of our neighborhood’s public realm, supporting the long-term sustainability of this ever changing and extraordinary corner of Manhattan. If your business lies outside of the BID catchment area and is interested in working with our organization, you can speak with us about your options. For more information on working with the Meatpacking BID, please email




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