BY Meatpacking BIDPUBLISHED 06.15.2021

The Meatpacking District + ARTNOIR present FROM A PLACE, OF A PLACE, a five part program that uses art and performance to redefine public spaces of the Meatpacking District. 

The series will uncover stories of Black culture, commerce, and community highlighting the energy and spirit of futurism, imagination and liberation.

From A Place, Of A Place, was named as an acknowledgement to the interplay between identity + geography and the unique power that the Black community holds within it. Each aspect of the programming will share a common theme of looking future-forward, while embodying 4 pillars:

GATHERING galvanizes possibility
IMAGINATION expands identities
LIBERATION unlocks possibility
BORDERS define history

This program invites communities to the Meatpacking District to experience the hustle that makes up the soul of the neighborhood through these five parts:

Part One 
Gallery – The Meeting Point 
“The Meeting Point” gallery exhibition and residency, curated by Danny Báez, uses artistic expression to pass knowledge and celebrate the space we occupy featuring the works of 20 emerging Black artists and two contemporary Black artists in residence.

The show will have an open call for submissions to emerging New York artists working in different media and formats to be included in the curation. The final selection of community-based artists will be made by a Committee of Peers comprised of interdisciplinary leaders, academics, artists, collectors and culturalists. 

The two, month-long residencies for budding New York artists will provide a financial stipend and physical space to create work, engage in dialogue and explore individual and collective practices while receiving direct support and council from ARTNOIR.  

Part Two
Sculpture – Whenever/Wherever We Can
A large-scale sculpture in Gansevoort Plaza will be the centerpiece of our programming designed by artist, Olalekan Jeyifous and curated by Oshun Layne. 

Serving as the backdrop for programming and performances, the sculpture is an ode to the district’s storied history while presenting new opportunities to reflect on how and why we gather. 

Part Three
Performances – Visions in Motion
 A series of performances, Visions in Motion, will feature rising storytellers, performers, musicians, and artists at the nexus of contemporary Black culture directed by Dario Calmese.

New Yorkers will be invited to celebrate the history of sound, the presence of possibility, and a connection to all things unseen, through the lens of Blackness.  

Part Four
Community Programming
From A Place, Of A Place will offer a unique program that centers intergenerational voices from the Meatpacking District through a partnership with The Hudson Guild and other community leaders. 

Part Five
Neighborhood Guide
ARTNOIR will create a “Guide to The Meatpacking District” that will amplify the untold legacy of Black voices and spaces within the neighborhood. 
Through stories of innovation, preservation, and imagination, we will unearth what used to be here to inspire what will come.




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