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BY Meatpacking BIDPUBLISHED 05.26.2024

Amidst the hustle and bustle of the Meatpacking District, we’re highlighting distinct neighborhood businesses that not only offer hospitality, fashion, and wellness, but also serve as galleries for original artwork by artists like Elzbieta Radziwill, Blair Breitenstein, Hassan Hajjaj and Judi Tavill. Artwork is displayed on store walls, in speakeasies, galleries, and even on lamp shades. Read below to learn more about the curation and artists that add culture and life to the neighborhood.


The artwork at Sisley is an integral part of the D'Ornano family collection, featuring notable works by Elzbieta Radziwill. Her pieces, such as the "I'll take Manhattan" shade and the light-colored, butterfly-themed wallpaper in the lounge, add a touch of elegance and whimsy to the spa experience. The curation of the artwork and furniture is overseen by Isabelle D'Ornano, co-founder of Sisley, who ensures that each Maison around the world reflects the brand’s aesthetic, values, and mission. One standout piece is the "Make-Up" sign by Robb Wynne. This vibrant pop-pink design perfectly captures the dynamic spirit of the Meatpacking District while blending seamlessly with the Maison's classical elegance. Sisley’s customers consistently express their amazement at the artwork, which enhances their experience, transporting them into the Sisley universe and providing a sensorial journey enriched by the harmonious blend of fragrances and artistic expressions that define our spa.

The Gansevoort Hotel 

Welcome to the Gansevoort, where art and luxury blend seamlessly to create an unforgettable experience. From the moment you step into the lobby, you are welcomed by original works from iconic street artists Banksy and Richard Hambleton. As you explore our hotel, you'll discover creativity and inspiration with artworks from world-renowned photographers and painters, including Richard Avedon, Mick Rock, Frank Stella, and many more.

Art is the central pillar of their ethos, carefully curated to reflect the vibrant spirit of New York City's culture. The collection, selected by owner Michael Achenbaum, showcases his passion for art and commitment to supporting emerging local artists. Over the past twenty years, Gansevoort has partnered with Chelsea Art galleries and the Whitney Museum of Art and looks forward to future collaborations with neighborhood artists.

The Gansevoort’s diverse art collection captures New York's enduring art, music, and culture legacy. The hotel's walls come alive with Mick Rock's iconic black-and-white photos of Warhol, Mick Jagger, The Ramones, and Bowie. In the' 70s-inspired speakeasy DIMES Seven24, you'll find a stunning custom mosaic by Daniel Mazzone, inspired by Motown legend Diana Ross and the artistic stylings of Gustav Klimt.

In the guest rooms, the rich history of the Meatpacking District is depicted through vintage images by Stephanie Klein and contemporary photographs by Olivier Weppe. Guests often have profound emotional reactions to the art, from the rare Banksy pieces to the myriad other works that adorn the spaces. At the Gansevoort, every moment is an artful experience, making your stay truly unique.


HANRO proudly displays artwork by Blair Breitenstein, known for her distinctive illustrations under the handle @blairz on Instagram. HANRO’s company leadership, together with art advisor Michelle Edelman, curates the art, ensuring it aligns with its commitment to authenticity and giving artists the freedom to express their aesthetics and ideas.

Blair, a local New Yorker with a passionate following, was chosen for her ability to convey contemporary high fashion through an expressionist lens. Her works, influenced by high fashion photography, transform fashion-forward photos into layered watercolors and smudged lines, enriching the visual experience at HANRO.

The artwork enhances the space and reflects the unique character and cultural heritage of the Meatpacking District. The vibrant colors, patterns, and styles depicted celebrate the neighborhood's diversity and identity, resonating deeply with the local community.

Customers respond with joy, inspiration, and admiration, often feeling a strong connection between the artwork and HANRO’s brand. They appreciate the opportunity to support a local artist and the enhanced experience the art brings to their visits.

Ivy Brown Gallery

The Ivy Brown Gallery represents contemporary art in all mediums and is dedicated to supporting emerging and established artists. Ivy, the gallery's owner, is committed to art and its critical role in our humanity, which is the grounding force behind the gallery. 

On view until June 26th, 2024 is Judi Tavill’s ‘Entanglements’. This exhibit blends sculpture and drawing to create biomorphic abstractions that appear both organic and alien. Utilizing ceramic clay or mixed media, including paint and graphite, she crafts monochromatic, visceral forms and works on paper. These pieces symbolize the intricate matrices that constitute our physical and intangible reality, drawing inspiration from tree-root systems, neural pathways, social networks, and webs of cause and effect.

Tavill’s art stems from an awareness of our existence as interconnected with the world around us, embedded in vast, complex systems. Her work aims to explore this interconnectedness and the resulting entanglements.




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