Electric Fashion: BruceGlen in Meatpacking

BY Meatpacking BIDPUBLISHED 02.16.2023

Poised to become the future of fashion, identical twin fashion designers and ministers, Bruce and Glen Proctor (a.k.a. The Fashion Preachers), are making a bright and colorful mark on the fashion industry.

In this spotlight interview, we get to know the BruceGlen designers and glimpse into their inspiring approach to fashion.

Q: Can you tell us about your background and how you got into fashion design?

A: We’ve always had a love for fashion! As kids, we would make paper dolls with interchangeable outfits. In high school, we designed our very first collection as a fundraiser and instantly knew that fashion was what we wanted to do for the rest of our lives.

Q: Can you walk us through your design process, from concept to finished product?

A: Our design process starts with colors and fabrics...texture and hues are important for us. We then work with either a pattern maker in LA or our factory in the Dominican Republic to produce the goods.

Q: How do you push trends and incorporate them into your designs?

A: We are very set on designing what comes to us naturally...we go in the direction of least resistance. It's important for the collection to "feel" right for us. That method keeps us on brand as designers. We try not to look to the left or the right OR then comparison sneaks in.

Q: Can you give an example of a particularly challenging project you’ve worked on and how you approached it?

A: This fashion week was probably the most challenging project we’ve worked on yet. It was our first official in-person runway show. No one really understands how much coordination, preparation, and money (lol) it takes to put on such a production.

Q: How do you balance practical considerations, such as cost and manufacturing limitations, with your creative vision?

A: Bruce dreams sooo big and doesn't design with any limits. Glen has to always reel it back. We have big ideas but we want to make sure it's practical for daily use and affordable. We are truly yin and yang and work to keep each other on track.

Q: Can you explain the inspiration behind BruceGlen?

A: BruceGlen is bold, conversational and electric. Those are three points that BruceGlen garments hit. Bold - Stands out, Conversational - Sparks conversation creating community and opportunity to make new friends, Electric - Movement, Shine, and sound if possible.

Q: Who are your fashion heroes?

A: We love Marc Jacobs, Virgil Abloh, and DVF.

Q: Why do you think stores in the Meatpacking District are good fits for your clothing?

A: The Meatpacking District is electric. It represents fun, fashion, and nightlife! It's the exact energy of the brand.

Q: Can you share your future goals as a fashion designer and how you plan to achieve them?

A: We see BruceGlen as a lifestyle brand. This is just the beginning. We are expanding to TV, footwear, and home goods. We started with bags and then began producing sustainable RTW in the Fall of 2021.

BruceGlen's innovative and exciting approach to fashion design speaks to the soul of New York City. Shop their collection at Neighborhood Goods, and bring a bit of boldness into your everyday style. 




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