Elizabeth Gascoigne: A Sober Curious Nightlife Specialist

BY Meatpacking BIDPUBLISHED 03.01.2023

Elizabeth Gascoigne is the innovative entrepreneur behind Absence of Proof, a fast-growing mocktail brand that has become a favorite among those seeking non-alcoholic nightlife options in New York City. With her keen eye for market trends and her ability to bring people together, Elizabeth has built a thriving community around her brand that is helping to elevate the sober curious movement.

Recognizing the lack of great non-alcoholic options available at bars and nightclubs, Elizabeth was inspired to start hosting pop-up bar events throughout the Meatpacking District, where she provides a fun and welcoming atmosphere for those looking to take a break from drinking.

Absence of Proof at Kobrick Coffee
Absence of Proof Event at Kobrick Coffee on on 9th Avenue

Elizabeth's entrepreneurial skills have allowed her to build a loyal following for Absence of Proof, with regulars attending her events and becoming close friends. She has taken the brand from monthly pop-ups to weekly events and residencies at various locations throughout NYC, with over 2000 RSVPs to one of her recent events at Kobrick Coffee with Bumble.

Ritual Zero Proof Mocktail

By partnering with brands like Ritual Zero Proof to create unique and delicious mocktails, Elizabeth Gascoigne is curating a new and exciting nightlife landscape.

From Elizabeth, “I love that more and more people are choosing to drink less or not at all, however our goal at Absence of Proof isn't to tell people that they should or shouldn't drink, but instead to provide options. We're working to ensure that non-alcoholic nightlife is fun and accessible to everyone. We don't believe it's our business to tell people to drink or not to drink, we just want to create options for those who want to drink less.”

Look out for more Absence of Proof Events in Meatpacking yet to come.





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