People of Meatpacking: Donna Winsell

BY Meatpacking BIDPUBLISHED 04.30.2024

Next up in our People Of Meatpacking series is Donna Winsell, boutique manager of Parfums de Marly. Her journey into the fragrance world began over 40 years ago, and she has spent the last 11 years working in the Meatpacking District. Anticipating a prosperous year in the District, Donna stays grounded with her daily essentials: keys, money, lipstick, and her signature scents, of course. Read more below to learn why Donna loves being part of the neighborhood. 

Meatpacking District (MTPK): How did you get started in this line of work?

Donna Winsell (DW): I started in this industry over 40 years ago. [I] was going to purchase skincare at a department store in California and two women were taking up everybody’s time and trying to get something for nothing. I was in a hurry and finally spoke up, not realizing I was giving all of the features and benefits of products, and those two wound up buying everything I suggested. A big wig from the company happened to be there and came over to me, thinking I must work for the company. When I said I did not, I was asked if I’d like a job. Next [thing] you know, I was given management and have loved the industry to this day.

MTPK: Why do you love your job?

DW: I love the brand and the company I work for, but..more importantly, I love what I do, and it all stems from all the customers I have. I could be having a not-so-good day, [and] a group could come in, and I can switch off anything, and they can make my whole day. I can’t imagine leaving, and that’s more to do with the people.

MTPK: What are you most looking forward to for the rest of 2024?

DW: More foot traffic, a successful year.

MTPK: What do you enjoy about working in the Meatpacking District?

DW: I love the Meatpacking vibe. The selection of boutiques. The people and all the neighborhood residents. I love the summer here with the park and music.

MTPK: What is your favorite restaurant or store in Meatpacking?

DW: My favorite Restaurant is Catch. The food and atmosphere are amazing. My new favorite boutique is Anine Bing. The girls that work there are the sweetest and love the selection of clothing. Modern and up-to-date.

MTPK: What is an everyday essential you can't leave your house without?

DW: Can’t leave without keys, money, and lipstick. I have all the fragrance I need just walking in the door.

MTPK: What is your favorite fragrance right now?

DW: Favorite fragrance- I have two: Delina Exclusif and Althair.




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