People Of Meatpacking: Heewon from Lucky Selectism

Heewon Kim from Lucky Selectism in Meatacking
BY Meatpacking BIDPUBLISHED 03.25.2024

Next up in our People Of Meatpacking series is Heewon Kim, the visionary behind Lucky Selectism. Lucky Selectism's flagship store is located in the Meatpacking District and offers a unique blend of in-house designed eyewear and fashion not available in other locations. Born out of a passion for individuality and authenticity, Lucky Selectism is Heewon's masterpiece. Originally from South Korea, learn about Heewon's journey below and how he became part of the New York fashion scene.

MTPK: How did your career get started?
Heewon Kim (HK)
: I loved to do anything in [the] fashion industry, specifically designing and styling when I was young.

: When did you move to the US?
: I moved here [to the] US thirty-two years ago [to study] in the film industry.

Heewon Kim from Meatpacking 2
Heewon inside Lucky Selectism on 346 W 14th St

MTPK: Can you tell us how Lucky Selectism came to be?
: It was a simple idea. Many of the name fashion brands in NYC [were] tired and dull. I didn't want fashion trends after 2006 [and] there were few New York fashion brands. So, I created my eyewear brand in 2010, mixed with my fashion clothing brand (Antic Q) and multi-lifestyle brands. I thought New York needed more New York brands, so I started building it.

: What's currently inspiring you to create?
HK: My inspiration [comes] from "diverse people" in the Meatpacking District, and I love to create vintage and modern designs for fashion, culture, and lifestyle.

: What do you love about working in Meatpacking?
HK: I am proud of being in Meatpacking because my brand was born here in Meatpacking as a family business. I am happy because I can always present my style to royal local people and returning tourists.

MTPK: What are your hopes for your business for the future?
HK: I don't think about the future. I think about it now and hope I can always be here as a local fashion brand in the Meatpacking District.




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