People of Meatpacking: Kimberly from Frame

BY Meatpacking BIDPUBLISHED 12.24.2023

Welcome to the People of Meatpacking series, where we delve into the lives and experiences of the vibrant individuals who contribute to the unique tapestry of the Meatpacking District. In this spotlight, we chat with Kimberly Kapitonoff from Frame on Gansevoort Street and learn a little bit more about why she loves the district and some of her favorite New Yorker preferences.

MTPK: How long have you worked in the District? 

KK: About 6 months now. For Frame almost 3 years.

MTPK: What do you love about the neighborhood?

KK: The sense of community between all the business, BID team, and local residents and customers. You really get to know the people you see around often, and it creates a really nice atmosphere. The neighborhood is beautiful and I love how it's tucked away, which results in a great mixture of unique and eclectic visitors.

MTPK: What are you most looking forward to in 2024?

KK: Hmmm, I don't know if there is anything super specific I'm looking forward to, but I'm excited for another year spent with my friends and family and just the uncertainty of what a new year will bring. New Years Eve/New Years is my favorite holiday (and anniversary with my boyfriend) so I always get super giddy this time of year.

MTPK: Bagel and cream cheese or bacon, egg, cheese?

KK: Bagel and (scallion) cream cheese.

MTPK: Mountain or beach vacation?

KK: Beach vacation!!! Always.

MTPK: Museum or play?

KK: Museum.

MTPK: Cocktail or wine?

KK: Cocktail! Lychee Martini or a Paloma.




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