People of Meatpacking: Ritam + Amanda

BY Meatpacking BIDPUBLISHED 06.23.2024

Nestled in the vibrant and ever-evolving Meatpacking District, Amanda and Ritam's story began with their meeting as analysts at Lehman Brothers post-college. Over the past 22 years, they've called NYC home.

From post-workout shakes at Juice Generation to fine dining at Barbuto, Amanda and Ritam’s favorite activities highlight their deep connection to the community. Through their experiences, they've witnessed the Meatpacking District’s transformation from a nightlife hotspot to a vibrant, approachable neighborhood, all while preserving its historical essence and community spirit.

Meatpacking District (MTPK: How did you two meet?

Ritam + Amanda (R + A): After college, in our analyst class at Lehman Brothers. We are a slice of history!

MTPK: How long have you lived in the neighborhood?

R + A: We have lived in NYC for 22 years – 9 years in the neighborhood and it truly feels like home!

MTPK: How would you spend a day in Meatpacking?

R + A: One of our favorite ways to spend any day is walking through Meatpacking and seeing what unfolds from there! Amanda jokes that Ritam is like a pet that always needs to pass by the same places on his regular route. We have become friendly with the teams at many of the local spots and like to stop in to say hello or grab a bite/cocktail. Of course, we also love to sit and relax in the plaza under the signature red umbrellas. And then we will always head over to the water to complete our walk. The new Gansevoort Peninsula is an incredible addition to the neighborhood!

MTPK: What are some of your favorite things to do in the neighborhood?
R + A: Most of our favorite activities revolve around eating and shopping, ha! Post-workout shakes at Juice Generation; groceries from Buon Italia, Lobster Place, and Alf in Chelsea Market; clothes shopping at Zimmermann, Loro Piana, or Two Minds; gift shopping at Assouline or Aesop; afternoon caffeine and treats at Maman or the Genesis House tea room. The list goes on from here!

MTPK: What is your favorite place in the district to take friends to hang out?
R + A: Barbuto is part of our regular rotation! The team there is great, and it is such an iconic NYC establishment. Roast chicken, kale salad, and pistachio torta might possibly be one of the best meals ever

MTPK: How would you describe the sense of community in Meatpacking?
R + A: Creative energy, with a sense of calm. There is always something happening on the plaza – from events to live music to interesting people-watching. And yet, you can choose whether to engage or to just sit back and take in the scene. It’s inevitable that we always see people we know, which gives it a true neighborhood feel in the midst of a big city. The Meatpacking BID team is so friendly and present, and we appreciate all you do to bring the community together!

MTPK: Are there any local events or traditions that you particularly enjoy or participate in?
R + A: The best tradition is the Return of the Red Umbrellas; this means summer is around the corner! We also love Treats in the Streets and seeing the adorable neighborhood dogs in their costumes. Amanda has had fun with some of the hands-on events, like Watercolors on the Cobbles and Plants on the Plaza. And finally, the LEAF Festival of Flowers has been spectacular, and we hope it returns soon.

MTPK: Do you have any memorable experiences or stories about living in the district that you’d like to share?
R + A: The Meatpacking District has always been part of our life in NYC, and it’s been amazing to see how the neighborhood has continued to transform, while still preserving its history and character. In the early 2000s, we mainly came for the nightlife. Then with the development of the High Line and the Hudson River Parkway, we found ourselves relaxing and taking walks in the District more often. And today, though the neighborhood has now become a destination for retail, Meatpacking has been able to retain its approachable and friendly feeling, and remain continually vibrant.




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