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Spring is in the air and that means you may be ripe for a new scent. Just in time for the new season, Sephora, and Parfums de Marly shared their favorite scents in store, new items, and tips for selecting your own signature scent.

Jaye, Talent and Business Operations Manager
Sephora Meatpacking

Any new products or fragrances in-store?
We have expanded several of the niche and clean fragrance lines at our location in Meatpacking. Some of the newest fragrances that have just hit our shelves are:

The 7 Virtues in Santal Vanille
Clean Reserve in Lush Fleur
Versace in Dylan Turquoise

What’s trending? What’s the scent of the season?
Vanilla is really making a comeback in a big way.

Any tips for choosing your signature scent?
Picking your perfect fragrance is a personal journey. It’s all about what makes you feel your best. We have fragrance experts in store to help guide you pick your ideal fragrance.

Donna, Store Manager
Parfums de Marly Meatpacking

Any new products or fragrances?
Parfums de Marly is globally launching GREENLEY, an unexpected fresh and fruity interpretation of cashmere wood. A Hesperides opening of Sicilian bergamot and blood orange with a fruity heart of apple and elegant amber notes, leading to a woody base note. We recently launched the latest feminine fragrance, DELINA La Rosée. A poetic bouquet built of Turkish rose and transparent flowers, with an opening of pear, and a subtle base of softwood and white musk.

What’s trending? What’s the scent of the season?
Parfums de Marly encourages a celebration of the opulence of the 18th Century, a departure from trends, more of a discovery or olfactive journey. How would one like to smell or be remembered? Fragrance has the ability to transport you to a different time and place or provoke a feeling you wish to project, be it confidence, seduction, energy, or tranquility. The scent of the season depends on the wearer. With warmer weather and Spring finally here, fresh scents will be on the rise and expectedly so. A fresh approach to the new season welcomes a variety of scents for every occasion. GREENLEY is a preferred choice for those desiring bright and bold opening notes yet craving a warmer seductive base. DELINA La Rosée, invites a fresher, luminous, watery take on the olfactive phenomena of DELINA.

Any tips for choosing your signature scent?
When embarking on a signature scent discovery, wear the scent on your skin and see how you feel over a few days. You may want to try it on at different times of the day and before/after different activities, like taking a walk, exercising, or shopping or even a Zoom call (these days). Living with the scent(s) helps you discover what you like for yourself and what others may like on you.

Any in store events happening?
With a global kick-off of GREENLEY, the Parfums de Marly boutique hosted a Spring Scent Discovery from April 1 to April 4 featuring GREENLEY and SEDLEY: A Fresh Take On Fragrance.




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