Gansevoort Landing: Meatpacking’s Newest Pedestrian Plaza

BY Meatpacking BIDPUBLISHED 09.28.2023

Get ready to be thrilled by the vibrant transformation happening at Gansevoort Landing! The first part of the Meatpacking District's Western Gateway Public Realm Vision has officially opened, just a year after the plan’s announcement, and its multi-functional beauty and purpose are nothing short of spectacular.

While the state begins to pave the way with a brand new cross walk (more on that to come shortly), we're thrilled to treat you to some visuals of this new pedestrian plaza located on 10 Avenue and Gansevoort Street.

The current showstopper is undoubtedly "Buggy Bear Takes A Cool Cruise," a mesmerizing mural by the talented Alake Shilling. Curated by the renowned Whitney Museum and brought to life in collaboration with Street Plans, this artwork is set to be the heart and soul of Gansevoort Landing, a captivating story told through colors and shapes.

And let's not forget the lush greenery! New planters brimming with vibrant red bud and crepe myrtle have found their home here, adding a burst of nature's beauty to this urban oasis and creating a lush green environment on a previously hot and trafficked street.

Gansevoort Landing isn't just a place; it's an experience aimed to reunite the neighborhood and the waterfront and create a new connection for locals and visitors alike. 

Over the last 25 years, this area has seen incredible changes, and Gansevoort Landing is its latest chapter—a project initiated by the BID just a year ago. Working hand in hand with the state, the city, private stakeholders, and cultural institutions. 

Stay tuned for more information that will unveil the full narrative of the Western Gateway project. It's not just a landing; it's a celebration of a neighborhood that makes things happen, working tirelessly with the city to reimagine and revitalize the district. Gansevoort Landing is where culture, art, nature, and urban living converge to create an extraordinary urban experience.

See below for snapshots from Gansevoort Landing's official ribbon cutting ceremony. 




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