A Clean Slate: Meatpacking District Unveils Newly Designed Trash Corrals

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BY Meatpacking BIDPUBLISHED 01.24.2024

The New Year brought an exciting upgrade to the Meatpacking District's trash corrals – redesigned to blend functionality with aesthetic appeal, the 2.0 design was unveiled along 14th Street this past weekend.

While the basic purpose remains unchanged, containing and screening the hundreds of trash bags generated in the Meatpacking District daily and reducing the amount of unsightly clutter on the streets, these new versions reflect lessons learned after a year of operation. The enhancements, courtesy of manufacturer A-Porcel and local design firm Fantastica, focused on improving durability and ease of maintenance while maintaining a strong and unique look perfect for the Meatpacking District.

Gone are the finicky screws and aluminum pieces prone to weather damage and wear from the constant abuse of NYC streets. Instead, durable Velcro secures the Omega-Lite paneling to the barriers, enabling swift replacement of damaged parts, and fewer opportunities for bags to snag and tear while being loaded into DSNY trucks. Hard-wearing, purpose-built Yodock plastic connectors replace bespoke metal joints between corral sections, reducing materials costs and design complexity.

The most striking revision is the muted black and copper color scheme—a significant visual change from the bright white bases of the original design. This understated look blends discretely day and night, complementing the District's industrial backdrop. Coupled with the pared-back styling, the new color scheme creates an elegantly minimalist impression, and serves a functional purpose, improving the durability of the corrals out on city streets.

By subtly optimizing the new corrals, the Meatpacking District continues balancing critical neighborhood services with thoughtful design. These enhanced public space features keep streets clean and pedestrian-friendly while fading stylishly into the urban texture of this vibrant neighborhood.

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