At Home Skincare from Natasha Torres: A Meatpacking Master

Natasha Torres, Master Facialist at Sisley Meatpacking
BY Meatpacking BIDPUBLISHED 01.21.2024

Discover expert facials and exceptional service by visiting Natasha Torres at Maison Sisley located at 652 Hudson Street. Immerse yourself in a unique and personalized skincare experience under her care, and see below for Natasha's 15 minute nighttime skincare routine combining the benefits of Gingko Gua Sha and Sisley's Supremya Line of products: 

Phase 1: The De-Puffing Process

Apply La Lotion with ProV 5 and use the Gua Sha’s flat surface to retain water in the skin. Using gentle pressure, smooth out skin moving from in to out in and upward motion with the tool. Do one side of the face at a time. De-puff in the following sequence:

  • Neckline
  • Smile line
  • Forehead

Phase 2: Gua Sha Lift :

Use the curved edge of the Gua Sha and lift one side of the face at a time in the following sequence:

  • Neck to jaw: 5 strokes up and down.
  • Smile line outward (in to out)
  • Cheek (in to out)
  • Forehead (in to out)

*Target areas: center of chin, underneath jaw, smile line (cheekbone), and brow.

Phase 3: Wrinkle Erase

Hold skin taut and apply gentle pressure in specific areas:

  • Smile lines
  • Neck lines
  • #11 between eyebrows
  • Forehead (separate lines)
  • Crow’s feet

*Pro tip: Use the same amount of pressure as if gently erasing with a pencil on paper. Don’t rip the paper!

Phase 4: Pressure Points:

Hold tip/point of the Gua Sha for 30 seconds on these specific pressure points:

  • Between eyes
  • Over lip
  • Under lip
  • Top side of lip
  • Corner of the nose

Repeat nightly for refreshed and rejuvenated skin and anti-aging protection. 




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