People of Meatpacking: Anne from Serafina

Anne from Serafina Meatpacking
BY Meatpacking BIDPUBLISHED 12.29.2023

In our third installment of the People of Meatpacking series, we shine a spotlight on Anne Kassi, a seasoned member of the Serafina family. With over 7 years immersed in the district's vibrant energy, Anne reveals her love for the unique atmosphere, diverse businesses, and the evolving charm of the Meatpacking District.

MTPK: How long have you worked in the District?

AK: I've been a part of the meatpacking scene for over 7 years, weaving in and out of its vibrant tapestry.

MTPK: What do you love about the neighborhood?

AK: The Meatpacking District holds a special place in my heart. Its architecture is enchanting, but what truly captivates me is the unique energy, vibrant atmosphere, and the camaraderie among its residents. Over the years, the district has evolved, yet it remains my home. I cherish the diversity of businesses—from retail to restaurants, tech offices, hotels, museums, parks, and galleries. It's a festive hub with a tranquil side, and the sunset paints the city in breathtaking hues.

MTPK: What are you most looking forward to in 2024?

AK: I'm eagerly anticipating a year filled with greater business opportunities, robust health, moments of laughter, and an abundance of peace.

MTPK: Bagel and cream cheese or bacon, egg, cheese?

AK: Definitely a bacon, egg and cheese on a roll with mayo and ketchup.

MTPK: Mountain or beach vacation?

AK: A beach vacation is my ideal escape.

MTPK: Museum or play?

AK: I would choose a museum visit any day.

MTPK: Cocktail or wine?

AK: A glass of Sancerre or Champagne first, followed by a Negroni. 

Cheers to the best of both!




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