BY Meatpacking BIDPUBLISHED 01.14.2022

Participating in a Dry January Challenge? The month doesn’t have to be any less fun with these mocktails and zero-proof beverages that fit the bill in Meatpacking.

TÖST from Chelsea Market Baskets is a sparkling non-alcoholic beverage that provides the celebratory air of Champagne.

Day Drinks in Chelsea Market gives a tasting room experience without the alcohol. The space redefines the coffee and tea process by roasting and producing kegged coffee and tea batches on-site. Pro tip: The Turkish Soda and Fizzy Bubbly Chai are two of the most popular drinks. 

Image credit: Eddy Villatoro, @villatoro.eddy

Coffee and Cocktails in the lobby of the Gansevoort Hotel offers two hand crafted mocktails options that are beautiful and refreshing. The Jasmine Gem is inspired by spring in Japan with jasmine green tea, peach, lemon juice and a touch of orange flavored soda. The Salud y Vida mocktail is also infused with green tea, combined with orange juice, lemon juice, and ginger ale to give a peppery note.

Image credit: Bucketlisters

The Smoked Cold Fashioned at Starbucks Reserve Roastery is one of several spirit free drinks on the menu featuring Starbucks Reserve Whiskey Barrel-Aged Guatemala beans. The Smoked Cold Fashion is made with cold brew, simple syrup, aromatic bitters, and applewood that’s smoked onsite. It’s even garnished with orange peel and luxardo cherry which will make you forget there’s no alcohol present. 

The Standard Grill is offering a Juice, Smoothie, and Wellness Shot menu at breakfast and lunch for locals and guests who want a healthy option. Available inside or to-go. 

Neighborhood Goods offers an array of zero-proof products in the marketplace. A few favorites to pick up in store are Aura Bora, Sound, Swoon, and Three Spirit Drinks.




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