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What a year! Here’s Meatpackings top ten moments from 2021.

Photo: Jim Fryer / BrakeThrough Media |

L.E.A.F Festival of Flowers
New York’s first ever Flower Show held in Meatpacking was THE moment of the year. After a dark 2020, the Flower Show was a welcome moment back in NYC. Stay tuned for plans for the 2022 show!

Photo: Jim Fryer / BrakeThrough Media |

The Annual Doggie Costume Contest
Meatpacking held its third annual Doggie Costume Contest at this year’s Treats in the Streets event. Each year gets even cuter and more competitive. The winner from 2021: The Ghostbuster family!

Photo by Matthew Murphy

Seven Deadly Sins NYC
Theater was brought to the cobbles with Seven Deadly Sins during the summer. Audiences took a tour around the district to seven uniquely designed storefronts exploring the depths of desire, jealousy, rage, and more.

Photo: Jim Fryer / Iri Greco | BrakeThrough Media |

Visions in Motion
In August, Meatpacking and ARTNOIR launched FROM A PLACE OF PLACE, an immersive three-month, and five-part program featuring art and performance celebrating Black culture. Two performances as part of Visions In Motion, directed by artist Dario Calmese, were held on Gansevoort Plaza welcoming the public to view artists as storytellers, performers, and musicians at the nexus of contemporary Black culture.

Photo: Jim Fryer / BrakeThrough Media |

The Gansevoort Hotel
The Gansevoort Hotel made a comeback in the neighborhood with a newly redesigned hotel. This moment was captured with the Gansevoort opening its doors for guests during the Flower Show with General Manager Anton Moore and a dress designed by Bree Original.

New neighbors
In 2021, the Meatpacking welcomed the opening of Little Island, David Hammons’ Days End at the Whitney, Genesis House, two:minds, Best Burger, and Aubi Ramsa in the neighborhood. Stay tuned for more new in 2022!

Espresso Martinis
We’d be remiss not to mention the cocktail of the year: espresso martinis. After a year at home in 2020, these drinks gave us the energy to soldier through reuniting with friends and coworkers. Read here for where to grab the fan favorite drink in Meatpacking.

Photo: Jim Fryer / BrakeThrough Media |

Tom Fruin’s Bombora House

Photo: Jim Fryer / BrakeThrough Media |

During December, Meatpacking launched its first ever holiday lighting program designed by Theresa Rivera Design. Come see the neighborhood all lit up until mid-January!

Photo: Jim Fryer / BrakeThrough Media |

Open Streets
Four streets in Meatpacking were made permanent Open Streets this year: Gansevoort Street, Little West 12th Street, 13th Street, and the Ninth Avenue slip lane. Ken Smith Landscape designed special planter barricades for the district to beautify the neighborhood and make streets for people and businesses !

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