Business Leader and Beekeeper: Summer Johnson

BY Meatpacking BIDPUBLISHED 02.08.2023

Zach+Zoë Sweet Bee Farm was born out of motherly necessity. Summer and her husband, Kam, searched far and wide to alleviate their son Zachary’s asthma and realized that locally sourced honey was just the trick. During their first year of beekeeping (2016), they gave away honey to friends and family. The next year, they decided to sell their product as a way to teach their children business ownership. Flash forward to 2023, their harvest has resulted in 24 flavors, bee-related novelties, and even a skincare product line.

As Summer puts it, “The inspiration for our business came from a desire for simplicity. I founded a travel magazine, and my husband is in corporate here in Manhattan, and we were both a bit burned out. We moved from Montclair to Hunterdon in hopes to calm down, start a farm and focus on what is important. Instead our natural instincts towards industry kicked in and here we are.”

Zach+Zoë Sweet Bee Farm can be found in Chelsea Market, where they sell their full collection. The Johnson’s chose to open their business in Meatpacking because they are “drawn to the innovation in style and arts in the district,” and are “partial to the standards that are held here.”

Thank you for sharing your bee-atiful and inspiring company with the neighborhood, Johnson family. We are a whole lot sweeter because of your passion and commitment to offering us a taste of paradise.





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