Following the Meatpacking BID’s 2020 partnership with the American institute of Architecture’s Future Streets working group that transformed Little West 12th Street into a pedestrian space, and the publishing of the BID’s Pedestrian Oriented District plan, the 2021 Future Streets Design Expo showcases the innovation found on our city’s streets in the past year. In conjunction with Treats in the Streets, the event will take place on October 30 + 31, and will highlight the local manufacturers and designers who are working to create a new public realm for New York.

Hosted by the Meatpacking BID, the Expo is both an opportunity for the public to engage with and experience new ideas for how street space can be used, and for manufacturers and designers to connect with placemakers, restaurants and others looking to enhance outdoor dining modules, and provide new and creative in-street amenities.The Expo will showcase the evolution of public space, demonstrating what is possible on our streets now that the Open Streets Program has been made permanent.

Photo: Iri Greco & Jim Fryer / BrakeThrough Media |

Over the course of the two day event, 10+ exhibitors will be in attendance showcasing the range of products available for New York City’s streets including Fantastica’s “Fast Casual” line of modular outdoor seating areas, and an upcycled seating area produced by re-ply. In addition, barricades designed by Ken Smith Workshop and the Rockwell Group will close the street to vehicles. The NYC Department of Transportation and Department of City Planning will provide a range of educational discussions on the permanent open street program, street design guidelines, as well as work by Arup Engineers on complete streets and reimagining City Streets through augmented reality.

Photo: Jim Fryer / BrakeThrough Media |

Visitors to West 13th Street should expect to see a wide range of outdoor furniture and other on-street amenities and are encouraged to engage with the designs. Exhibitors will also be on site to answer any questions about their products, features, and other capabilities beyond what’s on display. While no commercial sales will take place, those interested in purchasing amenities will make connections with the manufacturers. In addition to the demonstration expo, educational programs, musical performances and other arts programming will take place throughout the weekend.




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