Celebrating Black History Month through Art

BY Meatpacking BIDPUBLISHED 02.06.2024

Honor Black History Month in the district with three captivating art exhibits. From the vibrancy of Cleveland streets to the dynamic world of Hip Hop, explore visually stunning narratives curated by black artists. Don't miss these compelling installations showcasing rich histories and iconic figures. Details below.

"Cleveland at Night" - by Michealangelo Lovelace at Fort Gansevoort

Beginning February 1, Fort Gansevoort presents "Cleveland by Night," a captivating exhibition showcasing the work of Michelangelo Lovelace (1960-2021). Lovelace, celebrated for his intimate portrayal of the city's Black community, addresses themes of policing, poverty, war, and healthcare. His art, characterized by rich color palettes and eccentric spatial perspectives, brings immediacy and relatability to urban struggles and resilience. From his early work, "The Boogie Nights" (2003), to pandemic-era pieces like "Social Distancing" (2020), Lovelace captures the diverse facets of Cleveland's night scene. The exhibition also delves into intimate interiors, revealing communal and solitary scenes from bars to personal narratives. Lovelace's art serves as a personal salvation from addiction and adversity, reflecting universal experiences, and offers a profound journey through Lovelace's transformative perspective on Cleveland's nightscape.

"Cleveland by Night" - on display now at Fort Gansevoort

“From 50 to the Future” - Curated by Zaire Baptise at Chelsea Market

Immerse yourself in the rich legacy and future of Hip Hop culture at "From 50 to The Future," an engaging art exhibit held at Chelsea Market. Curated by Creative Director Zaire Baptiste with works from Voodo Fe', this unique visual celebration marks 50 years of the globally influential Hip Hop culture and envisions its evolution in the next 50 years.

The exhibit showcases life-sized mixed-media canvases featuring Hip Hop icons like Jay-Z, Kendrick Lamar, and The Notorious B.I.G. Join us in applauding the pioneers, acknowledging present-day artists, and envisioning the future of Hip Hop. Whether you're a devoted Hip Hop fan, an art enthusiast, or simply intrigued by cultural trends, this exhibit offers a close-up exploration of the personal tales woven within the history of Hip Hop.

"From 50 to the Future" -  on display now at Chelsea Market

"The Last Word" - by André LeRoy Davis at City Winery

From February 1st to 29th, The Gallery at City Winery New York presents "The Last Word" by André LeRoy Davis, writer, illustrator, and co-creator. Known for his iconic work at The Source magazine, Davis playfully caricatured Hip-Hop legends for nearly 17 years. The exhibition, showcases over 30 classic illustrations and paintings, offering a retrospective of Davis's impactful career. Displaying political satire, Hip-Hop artwork, and original "The Last Word" pieces, the exhibit encapsulates Davis's illustrative documentary of Hip-Hop entertainment for over 38 years. Open to the public throughout February, it pays homage to The Source readers, welcoming all to relive classic Hip-Hop memories through Davis's art.

"The Last Word"- on display now at City Winery




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